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(noun) A handmade, eco-friendly and cost-saving ball of wool which naturally softens and unwrinkles clothes in the tumble dryer.



Hi, welcome to Thomas & Dunn. We are Georgia and Harry, this is our business. 

We set-up this business envisioning a partnership which would offer high-quality, affordable products with a flawless customer experience.

Where we began...

We set out on our journey at the start of 2020 and launched our first product in May, Woballs. Eco-Friendly, Cost- Saving, and All Natural...what more could you want! Our launch was a great success with encouraging feedback, so we continued out journey and launched our second product in August, Be Bella Makeup Sponges, a luxury makeup sponge set packaged sustainably and priced affordably.

What we believe

It's been paramount to us since the beginning that we provide each customer with outstanding service. We're big believers of people getting their money's worth! Each day we're learning more about how we can improve our products and service. From researching how we can be more sustainable as a business to analysing customer feedback in our industry, we're eager to better ourselves and the business.


So take a look around and if you have any questions, please get in touch :)

Our Products