Be Bella Luxury Makeup Sponge Set | 3 Piece Makeup Sponges with Travel Cases

Be Bella Luxury Makeup Sponge Set | 3 Piece Makeup Sponges with Travel Cases

SKU: SOU0002



Be Bella Luxury Makeup Sponges are the latest brand to hit the beauty makeup blender market with innovative technology. Using Patented Foam Technology, Be Bella Makeup Sponges are the perfect beauty makeup sponge blender. With just the right combination of soft to firmness, Be Bella Makeup Sponges glide over the face and neck effortlessly with minimum foundation absorption. But why choose Be Bella Sponges? 

★ Premium Quality Makeup Sponges: We have managed to source the perfect foam to use for makeup sponges. With almost 5 years experience manufacturing makeup sponges specifically, quality and performance is guaranteed with our sponges. 

★ Triple Precision: We know that not one makeup sponge can apply all types of makeup perfectly, which is why we have included three innovatively designed makeup sponges, each one ideal for certain applications to help you finesse your look. Highlight ✔ Conceal ✔ Blend ✔ 

★ Three Sponge Cases Included: Make storage and transport of your makeup sponges easy and convenient with these sponge cases which double up as sponge holders! No more dirty makeup sponges in your makeup bag!

★ Plastic Free Packaging: Where disposable plastic packaging is seen all too often in the beauty makeup blender industry, we use recyclable packaging with our makeup sponges to help reduce our environmental impact (The cases are to keep 😉). 

★ Incuslivity: We have created a brand which promotes and supports inclusivity within the beauty industry, we try to express this in the products we design. Affordably priced, anyone can get their hands on these beauty makeup sponge blenders

★ Ideal Makeup Sponge Gift Set: Packaged beautifully and a sponge holder for each makeup sponge, these beauty makeup blenders are an ideal gift for someone special!  

So, give us a shot.. and if you're not happy with the sponges, we offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee!